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About UnCharted Path 

Strategic Storytelling

UnCharted Path Productions will create and showcase original accumulations of work based on mental health. What does this mean? Our scripts, books, and stage plays will be centered around creating characters who struggle with or suffer from one or more psychological disorders.

About UPP: About

UPP's "Great Minds think Alike" Team

Where the Passion Begins

At UnCharted Path Productions, LLC, we’ve gathered some of the most knowledgeable creative minds and writers in the industry. In our visual artistry and writing approach, we offer a uniqueness like no other. This ensures that we will do everything in our power to demonstrate and present meaningful materials to our audience. Meet our creative initiators below:

About UPP: Team

Charlotte Swann

Founder | CEO | Chief Storyteller

I am the Founder/CEO/Chief Storyteller of UnCharted Path Productions. My company is geared towards creating TV and Film centered around psychology. I have been writing for over 20 years.

The main reason for founding this production company was driven by my son, Derrek who recently passed away in 2021 at the age of 30. Derrek was adventurous, animated young man who chased after challenges. His mental disorders had plagued him for years without being diagnosed. Ultimately, he succumbed to them. 

This is my why!

This is for him! 

Interview request can be sent here:

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