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Hidden District Filming 

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Two childhood friends, now in their 40s, work for the same organization. What seems like an effort to assists the underserved within communities actually holds secrets that will test the loyalty of one and the honor of the other. Hidden District is a story that will reveal the true meaning behind unseen community lines. 

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Hidden District




A city within a city, hidden in plain sight, by a red line.


Two childhood friends now in their 40s, work for the same organization that assists underserved communities on the surface, but holds a secret that will test the loyalty of one and the honor of the other.

Overview/Plot Summary:

Taking place in a city marked by redlining, Hidden District is a psychological thriller/action/dramedy.

Despite the complexities of living in this district, moments of unity, love, family gatherings, and structure are born out of the struggle.

The ultimate ally is Cassandra Boucher, recruited by Dean DuBois, Sariah's uncle. On numerous occasions, Cassandra observes her best friend being treated differently from her. By blending in with those who look like her outside of Hidden District, Cassandra realizes that privilege is a weapon that she can use to defeat those who abuse and exploit power.

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