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Red Line District

Debut novel by our Chief Storyteller/CEO/Founder - Charlotte Swann.

The book is about two childhood friends now in their 40s, who work for the same organization that assists underserved communities on the surface but holds a secret that will test the loyalty of one and honor of the other.

The ultimate ally is Cassandra Boucher. On numerous occasions, Cassandra observes her best friend, Sariah DuBois being treated differently from her. By blending in with those who look like her outside of the Red Line District, Cassandra realizes that privilege is a weapon that she can use. Recruited by Dean DuBois, Sariah's uncle, she acclimated to the ways of Red Lines secret society - Hidden District.

Cassandra was forced through circumstances to live in the Red Line District with her parents. She stood out like a sore thumb. When her best friend, Sariah DuBois' son is murdered, Zandra (for short) decides to use her privilege and her unique set of skills as a weapon to defeat those who abuse and exploit power.

Does she agree with Red Line Districts tactics?

Why was she recruited in the first place?

Why was her best friend’s son murdered?

Red Line District was born out of necessity to stand up to a long standing system that adversely affects diverse communities.

Throughout this persuasive, illuminating, revealing, and insightful page-turner, you'll find a captivating plot, exciting twists, and insightful turns. 

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