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What do we do?

Unfamiliar | Unsearched | Unexposed | Unnoticed


UPP Creative Development

Unrevealed | Undetected | Unmapped

Our belief is that being on an uncharted path is all about creating a visual narrative of unusual topics through storytelling.

The development phase focuses on building an imaginative and highly inventive storyline. Our storylines are crafted with unexpected plot twists to achieve this goal.

​Cohesiveness will be accomplished through the Creative Development process, whether the adaptation is from a book to a script or from the script to an audience.

A well-planned, well-executed and exceptional work of visual art will be developed.

UPP's Pre-Production and Production

Untraveled | Unexplored | Undiscovered

As pre-production moves forward, we work hard to finalize the shooting to the filming script, selecting locations, and setting a budget for filming.

Cameraman with Movie Camera
Post Production in Process

UPP's Post-Production

Unique | Uncommon | Unpractical

Our Post-Production department will keep working until the final product is exactly what we believe our audience will enjoy.  

These bodies of work will include a rich variety of humanitarian content that demonstrates and reveals honesty and a commitment to inclusivity.  

What does UPP do: Services
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